Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jon Huntsman: The Moderate Candidate

"So what do you think of Jon Huntsman" -Question
"Who?" -Response
The following exchange was a conversation I had with a fellow peer over Jon Huntsman, a conversation that didn't last long due to the fact that very few people actually know who Jon Huntsman. For those who don't know who Jon Hunstman is, he is a 2012 presidential candidate for the Republican party. His record paints a picture of a fiscal conservative with daily liberal social views, making him the most moderate candidate of all the Republicans. He is also the person that I want to win the Republican presidential nomination.

This is easier said then done when most of the population doesn't even know of the existence of Huntsman. If Huntsman wants to win, he will absolutely have to show up in all the remaining debates in order to get attention. The last GOP debate, which was on CNN, had him failing to show up, a big error on his part, as the event would have allowed him to earn some recognition. The biggest problem with Huntsman is that he still has yet to establish an identity in the party, a problem that could be easily fixed with the appearance in debates. If he were to appear, Huntsman would gain attention for his lack of anti-Obama rhetoric (Used by nearly every single Republican candidate) and his moderate political views that will be a big contrast to the fringe views of most of the candidates.

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