Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome to The Amateur Political Pundit!

Hello and welcome to my site, The Amateur Political Pundit. The following site will be my official political site for various topics I consider important in the world of politics. Due to the fact that I have no experience writing about politics, I have decided to name the site 'The Amateur Political Pundit', in an effort to warn those looking for the opinion of a professional pundit away from this site. I admit that while I have been following politics for a while (5 years), I still lack the insight necessary to ensure that all my articles are well supported. That being said, I have to start somewhere, so I'll treat this as a learning experience. For now, here is a little information about me:

Name: Eric Robinson
Political Affiliations: Independent
Hobbies: Reading Politico, Watching C-CSPAN, Listening to NPR, Watching any AMC or FX Original Series, Reading Politically Charged Books, Tweeting (theaustincritic), Listening to Pandora Radio
Education: Still in High School
Aspirations: One Day Hold A Position of Leadership in Politics, Degree in Political Science
Location: Austin, Texas

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