Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Petition to Deport Piers Morgan Is Wrong, If Completely Pointless

I just heard today that the Petition to deport Piers Morgan has just broken 65,000 signatures, a number that both amuses and depresses me. Amused at the fact that these people actually think that you could sign a petition to drive someone out of the country who is doing something as simple as expressing his opinion, and depressed that actual people of this nation want to deport someone who is using his right to speak his mind. Sure it may not be the speech the NRA or assault weapon proponents want to hear, but it is speech nevertheless that must at all costs be protected. People who argue that his speech is an attempt to undermine the rights of US citizens simply don't understand that an opinion doesn't have an affect on one's rights. You are completely within your bounds to criticize the allowance of assault weapons, as it's not the same as taking someone's assault rifle away.

I'm not naive enough to believe that the petition will have any effect whatsoever. It's creation is for the purpose of attention and self satisfaction. In fact, I think that the petition will only serve to benefit Mr. Morgan, as it makes Piers Morgan seem like the big enemy of groups like the NRA, when in fact Piers Morgan has expressed his support for the Second Amendment with an exception to Assault Rifles, which started this whole petition. It also gives Mr. Morgan publicity, while making the signers of the petition look angry, deranged, and worse, xenophobic. However, despite the fact that Mr. Morgan only benefits from the petition, I decided to create a petition of my own.

In all honesty, it's a bit of a joke, as the petition reads, "We Petition the Obama Administration To Ignore the Petition Requesting for the Deportation of Piers Morgan for Stating His Opinion." The intent of the petition is to point out the ridiculousness of the deportation Petition. I'm not expecting really anyone to sign the petition, as again, it's more of a statement rather than a petition, but I hope that it at least spreads some sort of unwillingness to sign the deportation petition, as it would appear next to it if you searched for Piers Morgan on the White House website. If it did end up getting 25,000, which again I seriously doubt, I would hope that the administration would admonish the previous petition for its stupidity.

The Link for the Petition is Right Here

So please sign the petition, as it would at least be nice to receive some acknowledgment for the stupidity of the deportation petition.
-Eric Harris Robinson

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Update (12/25/12)

First of all, Happy Holidays to all of my non-existent, readers, seeing as I haven't posted anything new in 6 months. The reason for this unannounced hiatus was due to the fact that I had more important things to do, such as college essays and applications. Thankfully though, it's all over, as I was recently accepted early decision into George Washington University.

What this essentially means is that I can finally spend more time managing this blog and writing more blog entries, which I honestly am very excited to start doing. I can also spend more time on twitter and focus on networking, which is essentially the big goal for the months leading up to college, which will probably be very busy for me. In order to maximize the amount of work I can do on this blog, it would probably be best if I set up a goal for myself. This goal, would be to write one post every single day, due to my increased free time. Hopefully such a goal would lead to more page views, as it would be nice to emulate the success I had with The Austin Critic site.
-Eric Harris Robinson

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