Monday, June 27, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage Passes in New York

When it comes to social issues, I believe that the government should never have any control over the personal lives of the people. For example:

I believe that if those of the same-sex want to marry, they should be allowed to do so. It is not the role of government to pass judgement on their lifestyles or the lifestyles of anyone else. Government only has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of its own citizens and same-sex marriage does not in any way harm those who are not involved in the marriage. The marriage of two people of the same-sex has absolutely no consequence on me, for that reason alone, I say that it should be legalized.
On June 24, the state of New York legalized homosexual marriage, making it the sixth largest state to legalize it. Spearheading the effort was Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who had promised to push for gay marriage last fall's campaign. Supporters included New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (An independent) and former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat. The most remarkable aspect of the vote, which passed the New York senate 33-29, was the use of bipartisan support, as four Republicans and 29 Democrats voted for the measure, while 28 Republicans and 1 Democrat voted against it. This use of bipartisanship, while not a major difference in voting patterns, shows that gay marriage is starting to gain acceptance in society.

A problem that I have had with the fringe groups of the Republican party, is this belief that government should promote family values, meaning that they are thus against homosexual marriage, despite the party's core belief that government should have a severely limited role in the lives of people. Remember that quote by Reagan, you might have heard of it.
"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden." -Ronald Reagan

It's strikes me as ironic that the majority of Democrats, a party obsessed with government interference, should be in support of gay marriage.

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